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Liberation Hub For Teams

A Truly Independent Alternative To Teams 365 & Workspace.

Today, all data sent using free and paid email solutions is scanned, stored, and sold to marketing companies and other data collection entities. Liberation has the only true independent email and teams solution that keeps your sensitive data secure and under your control.

Enterprise Email

Enjoy all of the features of an enterprise email solution and know that all of your data is 100% secure. Your data can no longer be harvested and used by third parties.

Digital Independence

Liberation is the leader in independent digital solutions.

Your Custom Teams Solution.

Hub For Teams allows your to customize dashboards,  workflows, and more so that you can achieve maximum efficiency through a truly customized collaboration tool.

Video Conferencing

Enjoy secure and feature-rich video conferencing with your team. (*Teams+ & Enterprise only)

Office Suite

A robust document suite that is a great replacement for Office 365 and expensive solutions.


Enjoy a feature-rich calendar and that allows your to collaborate and synchronize with the rest of your organization.

Professional Email

Enterprise email offers robust features and 100% privacy for your sensitive organizational and personal data.

Group Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration tools such as live white boarding, automated workflows, tracking, analytics, and more.

Many Apps In One

Liberation Hub For Teams takes the place of multiple apps to streamline your organization and simplify your digital world.

Project Managment

Manage large and small projects with tracking, custom permissions, file editing, analytics and much more.

Group Chat

A Messenger style chat module that allows your to communicate in real time with your team members.

Hub For Teams Plans

Teams Starter

$14.99 per user / month
Enterprise Email
Professional Calendar
Contact Management
Office Suite


$19.50per user / month
All Starter Features
Advanced Collaboration Tools
Project Management
Custom Wordflows

Teams+ Talk

All Hub+ Features
Private & Public Video Conferencing
Individual & Group Chat
Screen Sharing
Encrypted Calls

Global Edge Network

We utilize a global CDN edge network
for enhanced speed and security.

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