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Liberation Technology Services is built from the ground up and a full-scale provider of independent digital solutions. We offer solutions that keep your business secure and profitable. In an age of uncertainty, LTS is here to provide the peace of mind your business deserves.

100% Private Servers

We are not a hosting reseller.

Expert Support

Best-In-Class support teams.

Advanced Security

Triple-layered security firewalls.

100% U.S.A. Company

U.S.A. owned and operated

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Large file support
Self hosted / on premises
can be hosted wherever you decide, including hybrid.
Global Scalability Sharding across clusters and data centers
single cluster: up to 100K active users. With Global Scale: unlimited.
5K in one group, 10K for educational organizations, unclear limits otherwise
Mobile clients
Auto upload Images/Video/other files
* can do files with external app
* can be done with external app
Desktop clients
LAN synchronization
Extensible with Apps Allows third party to write apps that integrate apps in the cloud itself, adding functionality
Over 200 apps available
No third-party apps that can be integrated
Limited to Microsoft Apps
Server features
Unified Search Cross-application search (Calendars, mails, chat messages, files etc)
Full-text search costs money, cross-application search free
File versioning
limited limited Only for MS Office files
File locking/Checkout Block a file temporarily from being edited while you work offline with it
Does NOT block collaborative editing
Multiple link shares
Share note Add a note for the sharee
Dashboard Dashboard app with overview of info like recent files, chats, calendar items and more
View PDF, Images, Video, Gallery
Integrated Audio/Video/Text chat
Integrated Groupware (Calendar / Contacts / Mail / Kanban)
Mobile calendar/Contact integration
both Android/iOS (Android with integrated 3rd party tool)
Online Office web/ Mobile apps Online Office web / mobile apps
4 options With Collabora Online, ONLYOFFICE, Hancom Office or MS Office Online
feature-limited in web and mobile UI compared to desktop
Knowledge management A knowledge base/wiki with articles/pages, sub pages, search and other basic knowledge base functionality is available
Forms and surveys The platform allows creating forms and surveys and store and display the results
User-managed groups Normal users can create and manage groups without having to rely on the system administrator, a power user or a group admin
File Drop (customer file upload) Public link to folder recipient can upload to, which hides existing content of the shared folder
Video verification Protect public links with Video Verification
Inter-server sharing Sharing between separate cloud instances of different vendors. Example, Nextcloud users can share files with users on Pydio and ownCloud servers.
Workspaces Add context to a folder by having a space to add comments, notes and todo lists
* Can pin files to the top of a folder, which gives a big preview.
Keyboard/Screen reader support
WCAG 2.1 support AA/AAA AAA with optional theme
Dyslexia-friendly font
Admin features
Access control lists Permissions on files and folders, inherited by default, can be overridden at any level.
Content workflow automation
Only via third party app
limited to admins
Approval process workflow
Cryptographic document signatures Request documents signed with DocuSign or another technology
DocuSign, EID-Easy and LibreSign
Automatic script execution
Impersonate users
Real time notifications files created, updated, shared, unshared and deleted by user or others, chat or call received etc.
Monitoring web/API interface
Data retention policy support
limited Max 6 months
Long term support (5-10 years) Life cycle matching your operating system
N.A. Hosted only, customer has no control over when/what changes N.A. Hosted only, customer has no control over when/what changes
Easy self-service in UI or full custom CSS
very limited
Compliance features
Audit trail Mandatory if you have a legal requirement to find out who did what and when
Imprint and privacy links
Only to their imprint and privacy policy, not yours
Only to their imprint and privacy policy, not yours
Built in data-request/account deletion
You can request (deletion of) data
You can request (deletion of) data
You and your customers you share with have to agree to their terms
You and your customers you share with have to agree to their terms
Security features
Server side encryption
Client side / End-to-end encryption
Google is working to introduce this
Video Verification
Optionally verify identity of recipient by video call
Brute force hacking protection
NIST compliant password policy
Web UI secured with CSP 3.0
Same-site cookie attribute
File Access Control
App access rights Allow restricting mobile/desktop/third party applications access to filesystem or other data
Enforceable 2-factor authentication U2F/OTP/SMS Signal/Telegram notifications Supports multiple factors U2F/OTP/SMS notifications Multiple factors U2F/OTP/SMS notifications Supports multiple 2nd factor options
ML based suspicious login detection Uses machine learning technology to protect authentication
Native SAML Native SAML is implemented directly in the application without a requirements on external software like Apache modules. Native SAML is compatible with all webservers and supports group memberships, flexible session management, multiple identity providers and app specific passwords.
Auth via env variable Authentication through Apache modules allows eg SAML/ShibbolethADFS, OAuth, OpenID, CAS and more.
File storage (local/NFS)
Object storage (S3/Swift)
CIFS/Windows Shares
Also supports Kerberos
Extensible storage

Format For New Table

LicensingOpen sourceProprietaryProprietary
Unlimited storage and amount of files
Large file support 10GB
Self hosted / on premises
Global Scalability
Mobile clients
Auto upload Images/Video/other files
Desktop clients
LAN synchronization
Extensible with Apps

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