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A Truly Independent Alternative To Teams 365, Workspace, and Zoom.

Hub For Teams gives you and your team 100% control of your data and workspace. Enjoy enterprise collaboration features such as project management, discussion rooms, and much more. Hub offers over 20 apps combined into one platform!

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100% Private Servers

We are not a hosting reseller.

Expert Support

Best-In-Class support teams.

Advanced Security

Triple-layered security firewalls.

100% U.S.A. Company

U.S.A. owned and operated

Hub For Teams

Main Features

Hub For Teams has too many features to list, but here are the hightlights.

Video Conferencing

Enjoy secure and feature-rich video conferencing with your team. (*Teams+ Talk & Enterprise only)

Office Suite

A robust office suite that is a great replacement for Office 365 and other expensive solutions.


Enjoy a feature-rich calendar and that allows you to collaborate and synchronize with the rest of your organization.

Email Integration

Use Hub as an email client for your existing email or use it with Liberation Mail. Hub mail has you covered!

Group Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration tools such as discussions, live white boarding, automated workflows, tracking, analytics, and more.

Many Apps In One

Hub For Teams takes the place of multiple apps to streamline your organization and simplify your digital world.

Project Managment

Manage large and small projects with tracking, custom permissions, file editing, analytics and much more.

Group Chat

A Messenger style chat module that allows your to communicate in real time with your team members.

Freedom Tech Certified

Liberation is the pioneer of “Freedom Tech”. We do not share information with third parties, censor our customers, scan your content or engage any any other betrayal of digital sovereignty.  



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