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Data Breaches

From 2009 to 2022 there has been a 95% rise in data breaches that has resulted in the loss, theft, exposure or impermissible disclosure of 314,063,186 healthcare records.

Source: Health and Human Services

Eliminate Your Digital Liability

How Secure Is Your Data?

Liberation was formed for the sole purpose of helping businesses achieve digital independence and peace of mind. Our independent platform eliminates the digital liabilities that plague businesses and their digital assets.

Custom Storage

Custom designed storage and networks to meet your exact needs.

PCI Compliant

Liberation is PCI certified and ready to process your payments.

HIPPA Compliant

Liberation is HIPAA compliant and can handle your sensitive customer and patient information.

Multi Layered Security

We employ multiple levels of security such as Zero Trust and WAF.

Modern Stack

We use the most modern tech stacks in order to provide our clients custom solutions.

Healthcare Websites

Modern websites designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

Scalable Performance

Our custom infrastructure is built to scale with growing needs.

Expert Team

Our team of experts covers IT, security, design, and more. We have your covered.

Secure Healthcare Solutions

Scalable And Secure Solutions For Healthcare

Custom Solutions

Custom Networks

Our engineers can design a custom network that suits your exact needs and is ready to scale.

Custom Applications

Our team of expert developers can design custom applications for a wide variety of purposes.


Don’t like managing? We offer custom management solutions for your organization.

Content Creation

Ongoing content creation such as articles, pages, media, and more.


Liberation offers consulting on strategy, infrastructure, e-commerce, and more.

Workflows & Automations

We can help you customize workflows & automations to improve efficiency.

Get Started By Transferring Your Website To Liberation

Liberation can transfer your website content from most site builder platforms.

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Global Edge Network

We utilize a global CDN edge network
for enhanced speed and security.

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Our Promise Of Digital Independence

Liberating Your Digital World Is Our Passion

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