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Freedom Tech Summit is a groundbreaking event to explore and learn about the tech sector of the Freedom Economy. This event is exclusively hosted by Liberation and will offer a wealth of knowledge for fellow Patriots.


April 25th

2 – 3 pm


The Freedom Tech Summit will be a virtual event hosted on Hub For Teams, our video conferencing platform.


Event Features

An Event For Patriots

Gather and share with other Patriots.

Explore Solutions

Discover Freedom Tech solutions custom tailored for your organization

Q & A

Get valuable advice to solve your most critical issues and more.


Form a strong partnership with the leading Freedom Tech company.

Identify Risk Factors

Find out how your organization is at risk from Big Tech.

Fundraising Strategies

Discover how your organization can generate more proceeds to fund your mission.

Quick Start Plan

A plan for getting started TODAY and in time to make an impact on the 2024 election.

Talk With Experts

Get valuable and actionable advice straight from experts.

Get Freedom Tech Certified

Become a Liberation Freedom Tech Partner and earn the badge! Let your network know that you are Freedom Tech Certified.


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