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The SaaS Problem From Hell


We were chatting with the COO of a very well-known Fortune 500 company, and we were amazed by what he told me about their tech stack…

But not in a good way…

His company was making a huge mistake that was silently killing their profits.

Here’s one big thing you can learn from this Fortune 500 company’s costly mistake:

At Mike’s company, like any other business, big or small, they started adding software to scale and automate their processes – all in hopes of making their business more efficient and profitable.

They started with different solutions like Zoom, Monday, Slack, ConvertKit, and Calendly. As they continued to grow, they added additional software. With every new software and every new employee, that meant an additional software license at $10, $12, $30, $99, $297 per month.

With hundreds of employees across dozens of softwares, that equated to tens of thousands of dollars a month in software costs.

And that’s not even including the time, resources, and manpower they were wasting bouncing between softwares, managing multiple documents, logins, and passwords, and trying to duct tape together over two dozen software with automation tools like Zapier.

The costs of the complex tech stack were strangling the company’s profits, and Mike and his CTO could see the insane cost on the company’s P&L.

They had to clean up the system and cut costs, so Mike called me.

We conducted a software audit and built out a custom solution for them.

In less than 48 hours, Mike’s company went from software chaos to simplicity.

We helped them:

1. Reduce their tech stack from 23 softwares to 6 😮
2. Lower the average software cost per employee from $263 to $14.95 per month – saving them 94% per employee per month 🤯

**The Result:**

1. No more juggling multiple software, no more insane monthly software costs, no more managing multiple documents, passwords, logins, etc.

2. Tens of thousands of dollars in savings a month in software costs – not to mention all the time, resources, and man-hours they will also save as they continue to scale the custom solution we built for them.

**The lesson:**

Don’t let your business reach the point where you are blindly spending money on a complicated, inefficient tech stack. It will kill your company’s profits.
Instead, regularly audit your company’s tech stack and processes. It could end up saving you more time and money than you could possibly imagine.

Learn how you can streamline your Tech Stack: